Photographing Models – Part One

Tierney7 WM
There are many mediums for photography. There are photographers that specialize in everything from landscapes to maternity, but the type that gets the most press and are typically the best paid are your top flight fashion photographers. These photographers attained their noteriety by capturing the images of star and emerging star fashion and runway models. So I recently invited three local models to begin my climb to the top of the fashion photography world.

Kurtis, Keta and Tierney all agreed to a TFP or Trade for Print photoshoot with me. I referred on a book by Billy Pegram titled “Posing Techniques”, which I recommend and can found at, and set up the time, dates and locations to shoot them. The first two were photographed at The Attic, a space used by the Indy Meet-Up Photo Club (IMUPC) controlled by Carol Thompson. The Attic is a part of the Indianapolis Propylaeum building. The last model, Tierney, lived in Lafayette so after a little research, I called a local art gallery and proposed I do the shoot there, the Tippecanoe Art Federation (TAF) and was granted permission. So everything was set, three cool models were going to be photographed by Indy’s own, New Dawn Photo’s Andre M. Arnold, a Top Flight Fashion Photographer!

Here are my top 5 tips for models and photographer;
1) Be on time! Typically, the big varible is the location. If it is rented for 90 minutes and either the model or photographer is 30 minutes late that usually means it is time and/or money you can never get back. Professionals don’t like wasting either.
2) Be prepared! For the model that is hair, clothing and perhaps props. For the photographer your tools, camera, batteries, stands, backgrounds, lights, modifiers and back-ups for all must be ready, checked and prepared for easy set up. Both the model and photographer…or the client, should have already agreed on a theme so the shoot can begin without delay.
3) Have the models sign model releases. If you ever want to publish, you can’t do it without these. Get the business over upfront!
4) Get acquainted! Big mistake photographers make all the time is not getting to know your model. If they are comfortable, they will be thrilled, focused and beautiful and it will show in the photographs. I recommend a little music to compliment the theme of the shoot.
5) Have Fun! Why did you ever pick up that camera it you did not enjoy it. The model wants the same…to enjoy the experience.

So with that! Let’s discuss the models, the locations and the finished product in my Part Two of this blog.

What's your experience?

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