Product Photography Experience…I need some!

In looking for opportunities to earn income to support my habit…the habit of paying my mortgage and feeding my children…I was responded to a freelance position with a local manufacturing company. They reviewed my portfolio and loved my work and complimented me on my talent…but they said…we did not see any product shoots. Oops! I told them I have experience shooting events, portraits, groups, families, corporate photos, landscapes, interiors and buildings. I even have a little macro and HDR experience. But what was missing from my portfolio, because I have not shot it…yelp, product shots and cataloging. So the call went “Thanks…but no thanks.”
So, today I purchased a few items to help me add some product shoots to my portfolio. If you have any advice on how I should go about getting experience, product tips or tools, or even a product assignment where I can gain this valuable knowledge, let me know!

1 thought on “Product Photography Experience…I need some!

  1. I’m just a hobbyist, but I made a light box to practice product shots. It was very easy to make and it’s amazing how professional the shots look. I just used PVC piping, a dollar store table cloth, a white piece of poster board and a lamp with a natural light light bulb. It might be an inexpensive way to add some product photos to your portfolio.

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