Is Financial Wellness & health care…subjects for photography???

The answer is NO! However both are subjects I am involved in daily as part of my role at the Financial Center. So I must say something about those topics from time to time. I will try to stay away from the political side of health care…but I may say something like “we either need consumer directed health plans or universal coverage”. However, I will keep it from sounding like talking points and I will not call it Obamacare. Image

I will talk about financial wellness and best practices for sound financial management. How can you manage financial stress in a stressful financial economy? More on that later. I will share link and post comments from some of my friends, colleagues and contacts, like Karl Ahlrichs. Karl is simply brilliant! He gave a presentation on social media that knocked my socks off. I will say it now, Karl is why I am back on my blog. In fact, if you want to check out a very cool blog, check in on Karl at

Finally, check out my latest job covering the Indianapolis Sister Cities Festival. See my photos at under community service then click on Sister Cities.


What's your experience?

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